Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Magic Garden

So the story behind this scribble.

Well it started as scribbles back and forth again and again. I realised it looked a bit like some sort of plant - and then I thought of gardens - and then magic gardens with fairies. So I drew in the fairy on the right and the toadstool because they look cool and appear in magical garden don't they? Lastly I added in fairy number 2 because a flying fairy would be nice and now fairy one has company.

I love this scribble because I think it looks like I didn't draw it. What I mean is that it looks like it belongs with the block of text, almost like an illustration in a novel. But really, this is a column from Sunday Life, one of those supplements that come in The Sunday Age.

On that note I love reading the newspaper. Especially on a leisurley weekend day. And in hardcopy. Flipping though the physcial pages just doesn't compare to scrolling and clicking online or swiping and tapping on an Ipad. It's the atmosphere of the whole thing. Haha now you probably thing I'm a bit weird. Which I am I suppose. Although I don't believe in fairies. Sorry Tinkerbell! But I do love the idea of them in fiction.

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