Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Said the lamp to the cat

This one is a scribble I did one day in a philosophy lecture. It's one of many that I sketched on the page - I'll post the others up slowly - so that makes me think that I did them during a break in the lecture. It's been that long that I've also forgotten if the cat came first or the lampost.

I like this scribble because to me it looks like the lamp, an inanimate object is having a conversation with the cat. Such a scene is not possible in real life but it makes me happy thinking of the wonderful things that can happen in the imaginary/fictional world.

After I finished this scribble another drawing - one done by someone who can draw better than I - came to mind. It's the cover of The Arrival by Shaun Tan. Can you see why I formed such a connection? It's a beautiful picture book with the story told entirely through illustrations. Here's what it looks like. I'd encourage you go wander in a bookstore (yes they still exist!) and have look. Shaun Tan is an amazing illustrator and storyteller. And his Australian! He has written a bunch of books and perhaps I'll post about his work in the future.
The Lost Thing

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