Monday, 22 July 2013

There's something under the spire...

and it's a wonderfully put together exhibition celebrating the long and varied career of Australian stage and screen actor Geoffrey Rush. And its FREE!! The Extraordinary Shapes of Geoffrey Rush is at the Arts Centre until October 27.

This is what I get up to during my holidays. Getting to see all the wonderful exhibitions happening in Melbourne.  I don't think I'll ever get over missing A Day in Pompeii due to studying hard for the final high school exams. My love living this city and getting access to all things arts.

If your thinking 'Geoffrey who'? Then its Barbosa from Pirates or the speech therapist from The Kings Speech. Also if your thinking this you should get yourself to the city and find out just how much stuff this actor has been in.

It's an exhibition featuring heaps of things to take a look at including many costumes, photos, annotaed scripts, awards (yes that's an Acamedy, Tony and Emmy all lined up on the piano) and lovely chalkboard quotes with many exhibits were lent by the man himself. You first get to look at his early years and inspiration before the space is roughly divided into sections by the types of characters that he has played. And there have been many from a pirate to priest to supervillian to yes a woman.

 My favourite things were probably the costumes, those that I had previously seen on screen or stage (yes I saw him on stage!) physically in front of me and the annotated scripts. Not that I would ever now how an actor goes about their craft to bring a character or scene to life but its cool to see those scripts behind the performances.

No pictures allowed so even better hears the man himself giving a tour:

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