Saturday, 24 May 2014

Previously on X...

Ok so it pretty certain that with my lack of drawing skills I'lll never be a comic book artist. But I'll be happy to read them and watch them adapted on the big screen!

Unless you live somewhere without a local cinema or haven't been near me in the past week, 'So what's up Monica? ...X-men is out this week! eeeeee!', you'll have missed that X-men: Days of Future Past is in cinemas!!

But yes, a comic by yours truly:

You know you're an X-men fan when your even your dad who never grew up with comics knows that X-men is a MARVEL comic. Even if he can't quite get the word right.

And here's the cast back in a photoshoot they did back during Comic-Con. I want James McAvoy's X-men t-shirt. I also like how they've got Ellen Page standing on a box even though she's up the front. That's what I need too. :P


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