Wednesday, 5 November 2014

They may tell us to turn off our phones but they will never take away our exam notes!

Dear Exam Invigilators,

Please ensure this never happens again.

And that my friends is the sound of one shocked to silence law student and the almost mass heart attack of every law student within a 3 tables radius.

Invigilators you have generally been super great. You get everyone in and start the exam on time and you're there quick smart when I put my hand up for a new script book. When you pull a script book away from a student who won't put their pen down when told I clap for you in my head for preventing such injustice. But for the sake for the sanity of my fellow law students please know your stuff and never again tell a law student to put his notes away for an open book exam because:

a) We're stressed enough as it is... don't make us panic as we sit down;

b) Those four extra pens we bring into the exam may be fashioned into a weapon if you try to pry our notes from us. Those notes are our security blanket and life jacket during these crazy times. They keep us from drowning in the stormy seas of law school. We would trade our first born for them; and

c) We're law students, the cohort most likely to find a legal rule that allows us to sue you for giving us a heart attack right before an exam.

Yep I should totally be studying but this had to be done. Life is hilarious. Ok fun times over... back to study!

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