Wednesday, 4 September 2013

My comic book life #3: (wo)man vs. fly ft. lego hair

Guys, I'm back with original stuff! 

This happened a while back and I had the idea of turning it into a comic. This comic is propably the least spontaneous to date as I had a think about what happened and how the scenario might play out through the panels. As well as all those comic strip type comics (Peanuts, Garfield, The Adventures of Tintin, Calvin and Hobbes, etc) I'm a big fan of X-men where the story is presented multi-panel format. So I tried to go for an inbetween, still using frames but with different sizes etc. I hope I've done it right so that your eyes find it easy to follow!

Step 1: Think of what's gonna happen and draw up panels.
Step 2: Consider using pencil since all that effort drawing up panel would be wasted if I stuff up 3 panels in.

Step 3: Stuff step 3, use pen and we'll see what happens.

There you go guys I hope that was worth your internet procrastinating time. Using pen worked out ok but I did have scribble space. hehe I've ruined the Melbourne Festival mag.. Although my clapping person looks a bit like it was printed and supposed to be there :P 

On that note. Check out the Melbourne Festival formerly the Melbourne International Arts Festival presenting interesting arts stuff such as dance, theatre, music, visual arts, multimedia etc. There'll be events that a FREE too so that's a bonus!

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