Friday, 6 September 2013

Life Lessons @ Project #1: Boys vs. Girls

Ok at this rate my uni work is never going to get done. Which is terrible because as much fun as this blog is I will need to get a proper job one day.

More comic representations of the hilarious moments in life. The actual events may not have been exactly like this (although it's pretty close) but I took some creative licence. Besides the story is always funnier when seen through the lens of my overactive imagnination. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: If there is any resemblance to actual people...then you probably need to get your eyes checked because I'm pretty sure my drawing skills are basic. Everyone I draw has the same face with a slightly different hairdo lol. The only person you're probably ever going to recongise is the comic-verson of me. 
Step one 1: Rough pencil sketch so I know how the story will progress. Stuck to simple panels this time as the number of panels itself was complicated enoguh. This is a longer one so there was more room for error when I started to draw in pen. Later I did stuff up but some scissors and sticktape fixed that up ok. =]
 Step 2: Draw away!
Scribble space: This is were I test a face I'm unsure of before I attempt it in the panel. Although usually a fair bit of luck is involved. Can't seem to figure out how to do things twice.