Wednesday, 29 January 2014


So it's been a while but I finally have gotten around to posting this one. I've had this one on the to post list for a while...

My very first original idea engagement card! And it just goes to show how lazy I have been that in the time taken for someone to plan a wedding I have gotten around to uploading this post.

Go here's the thought process...

In brief: GUY---------------GIRL-------------------BENCH-------------------------RING

In not so brief:
Step 1: Google image search 'boy girl on bench cartoon silhouette'  (silhouete because that's the cheat way for those of limited drawing skills!)
Step 2: Get super distracted at how talented people can make somehing so awesome with one colour
Step 3: Find the perfect staring out into the sunset image
Step 4: Light bulb moment! The sun is round. So is an engagment ring.
Step 5- end: Sketch, scan to photoshop. Add some filter thing as grey lead doesn't scan very well. Then realise that colour would be better. Find yellow paper, print again.

A major unforseen moment was realising I had to draw people sitting down. So in the end they kinda have funny legs instead. :P

Then realise I forgot the Congratulations and I can't write it in as I have the worst handwriting. Find more yellow paper. Print. 


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